About Us

Comprehensive care and treatment for children and adolescents with acute and chronic injuries.

Because a child’s bones, muscles, brain and other organs are different than an adult, they respond much differently to injuries, stress and athletic training, and require comprehensive, specialized treatment. Dr. Johnson at The Center For Pediatric Excellence utilizes an interdisciplinary approach for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of young athletes with acute and chronic sports injuries and is the only sports medicine program in the area focused solely on the unique needs of the pediatric athlete. Dr. J will work collaboratively with orthopedic surgeons, a pediatric and musculoskeletal fellowship-trained radiologist, sports-focused physical therapists and dietitians, as well as with other sub-specialists when needed.

Our program also places a large emphasis on wellness and injury prevention, with special understanding of the unique needs of school-age athletes and young women. Our comprehensive program offers services including physical therapy, musculoskeletal radiology, nutrition, orthopedic surgery and young women's services in a state-of-the-art, patient-centered environment.